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I love memories - the way an image can bring up so many emotions, so many smiles. I always regretted not having a picture with my grandma who lived in Mexico and passed when I was 15. What I would give for an image with her...

In 2003 my son was born and I wanted to capture every single moment of his life. Every smile, silly dance, etc. Then in 2008 my daughter was born and that desire to capture it all went into overdrive! So I began this journey in 2010 and have not looked back since. I have met amazing people along the way and truly enjoy watching little ones grow up right in front of my lens. 

I will hug and make toddlers giggle because there is nothing cuter than that, help moms relax and focus on just capturing memories, want to hear about your grad's dreams and do my best to make them feel comfortable enough to be themselves. I will ask about a couple's love story and say "awe" constantly (sorry not sorry). I am a romantic at heart and love a good love story (although mine and my husband's will always be my favorite). 

I am a believer that time flies and memories fade so photography is so much more than just an image.....it is a memory we can look back on again and again regardless of the amount of time that passes by. 

I look forward to meeting you and creating memories for you!

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